Friday, April 20, 2012

Playing with Tigers

Chances are if you're here then you've either seen the novel on a site, or purchased it.  If you did, then thanks for the support.  If not and you somehow stumbled on here, then here you go ->
Now you're part of my one sided conversation as well.  If you're thinking of buying it but can't afford it, I have a confession; money was not the reason I wrote it.  Use the code ZF48T at checkout to receive it 100% off.  Well, until the end of April anyway haha.  Not going to lie, I could use the cash, but I like the feeling that someone somewhere is enjoying my until now fruitless work far more than being able to afford trivial crap.  My husband doesn't understand or condone that, but the way I see it, if he wants to make cash off of a novel, he better get to writing.  Hell, I've been writing since I was fourteen.  It's amazing how terrible my work was when I started lol, I look at it now and the expression I wear when I skim through it makes anyone that sees it on my face worried for my health.  I've come a long way, but I'm still not happy with my work.  The curse of all writers, isn't it?  Makes me wonder how many amazing stories are backed up on PC's never to be read. 

So if you are here because you're going to give the book a once over, I didn't put an introduction to it.  I'm not sure why, probably because there was nothing I wanted to precede the story.  In truth this book started as a short story a few years ago.  My friend and I have this need to outdo each other, and she had presented a very basic idea to me, and I couldn't help but show her how I would go about it.  The Sahrketh were made for the book I already see as my masterpiece story, which won't be published for some time (I'll explain that later, not important right now).   The story idea was this; what would be the best way to make a man with latent bisexual tendencies realize it?  I've developed a few cultures in my own imaginary universe, but the Sahrketh fit the situation perfectly.  Well, I hammered out about 30 pages in two nights, crammed full of spelling errors and grammatical horrors, and sent it to her.  We'll just say she liked it, quite a bit. 

I let the story sit there for awhile, but the more I thought about it, the more fun I had with it.  Eventually I revisited it, and rewrote it as a novel.  No, that's not the one that's for sale.  That version was murdered by my last computer's unexpected suicide.  So I wrote it again.  I didn't like that version either.  In truth the one that's attached to the link up there is the fourth copy.  I've written this book four times, three times at the length it's currently at.  My poor keyboards can't keep up, they keep quitting. 

I write, often and in every genre.  The problem with that, is that over the course of writing this book in particular, my writing style improved drastically between chapter one and eighty.  And it shows.  I can't write this book again, at least not right now.  I have a steampunk murder mystery set in the same universe, and the sequel for Playing with Tigers on the back burner already, along with about ten shorts of varying types.  I know it's work to read a handful of sentences in the novel, which is why it's offered (for now at least) for free if you're willing to type a code in.  I like to keep moving forward with my work.  Rest assured, if you think it's bad now you should've seen it before I spent four months editing the thing every day that I possibly could.  I'm nearly content with it.  Nearly.  I suppose I never will be.  Unlike my first short story, I do care about Playing with Tigers.  Replacing Sarah was published just to see if I could bring myself to do it, and it was (in many ways) not ready.  PWT wasn't going any further than I had brought it. 

If you do like my work, I'm always looking for more opinions.  Also, I do accept requests.  *see chapter 13 of PWT  (I got a chill there)  I'm currently accepting requests for the second book.  Not all can be answered, but I will honestly entertain the idea of anything so long as it doesn't conflict with my very lax morals.  Well, back to work on PWT 2.  I hope to see some people take advantage of that coupon.  And despite the fact I just created this blog for the novel, I intent to be on here every once in awhile.  Feel free to leave comments, opinions, requests and death threats.  ;)