Monday, July 30, 2012

Swordmaster Dasan parts 2 & 3 finished

The kinky pair of Swordmasters have returned with a vengeance.  What was missing from the first Swordmaster Dasan story has been added in two installments, which are thankfully finished and awaiting proofreads.  Don't get too excited yet, finding proofreaders for this is absolute hell - I only have two friends that are willing and they're busy for the foreseeable future.  Expect publication soon with all new covers and a deleted scene from Playing with Tigers 2 which stars them both in an interesting position. 

Unlike the first short story, I had to take breaks to regain my composure, so I assume it'll pack the same punch as the first.  Again, I'm waiting for a second and third opinion, so much is possibly going to change.  As of right now here's a fast blurb draft-

Part 2 (title pending) -

The news that Lassieta has taken the throne at the Sahrketh Palace lures Kyo there to congratulate his occasional lover Madau, since it's her student that she now serves.  He finds shortly after arriving that Loki took the news rather poorly, and has gotten himself thrown in a cell.  Since nobody else is eager to offer any aid to the young man, he challenges Madau to a fight over who would have custody of Loki for the duration of his imprisonment.

Part 3 (title still pending)
Kyo is greeted by a foregnier on his doorstep looking for Loki's next of kin.

*evil chuckle*  I rather enjoyed myself writing these, and I do so hope that all of my readers will as well.  It's hard to tell if anyone liked the first, since it only received two reviews, although both claimed that it was pretty alright...  Unlike many of my friends that write, I don't work for the money, I work for the sake of keeping myself sane and because, let's face it, I like to hear that someone enjoyed what my demented mind has to offer.  I've been a long-time lover of dark humor and horror, so the leap to bondage and power play erotica with two typically violent men wasn't that far.

The second and third parts are longer than the original, and the third I'm not sure should even be classed as erotica.  It's more there for anyone who's curious to know what became of the pair in my timeline, but the sex by comparison to the first two is less frequent.  Not that what is in there is dull by any means, it's just a longer wait to get them into a bed.  What it lacks in frequency it definitely makes up for in quality.  I'm toying with the idea of offering both for free for a short while, but again, I have offered in the past in trade for any feedback I could get and aside from the very few people who did review it publicly and the one who found my email, I have been disappointed. 

Look for it on Smashwords and Amazon within the month, if anything changes I'll update here. 
Thinking of you all - S. 'Kaeli' Hart.  (not to be confused with Scaly Heart.)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Thoughts on Swordmaster Dasan and it's sequel.

I had written the short story to promote the book. The only problem, is that it's a quicker read, and because it's so much smaller, its far easier to edit.  Therefore, in many ways, it's better than the book, lol.
Someone had said that something was missing from the story that would blow them out of the water, and I knew when I published it what was missing, especially using a tag "Yaoi."  There's only a mere hint to the fact that one of them may like the other enough to opt for something more.  I am very aware of this, because that had been my intention.  I didn't intend it as a romance, because the story precedes the book, and Loki's future is already set in stone, at least for a few years.  Since he mentions Kyo fondly while out with another man, I had to make sure that anyone who reads both won't hate him more than I had intended.  So, I ensured that they had the sort of relationship where neither laid claim to the other, which also fit into building Kyo as a character.

They are both military types, who love sex, but don't have much time for anything further than that.  Well, arguably Kyo does, since he's retired, but I don't think it would be believable for him to have a total turnaround and drop everything to braid Loki's hair and coo sweet nothings at him.  We're talking about a reclusive sadist, here.  Loki develops into someone similar over time.  They are fun to write and to read because they are both the doms in their relationships.  Playing with Tigers is free at the moment, anyone who wants to see what Loki turns into see chapter 55.  That's only a shred of what Loki ends up like, and yes, I had meant for that to be an aftereffect of spending so much time with Kyo.  If one reads the book first and then the short story, it really explains quite a bit about Loki.

Now, I do intend to have these two play again, and I am working on that as I wait for the hellbeasts we call realtors to finish closing on my house, but just how far should I take it?  When they parted ways, in order for Loki to accomplish what he has by the beginning of Playing with Tigers, he needs to focus on his work.  There is one other situation that I can use to put him and Kyo back together, but I'm not sure that I want it to go too far there either.  Basically, to sum up this rant, I will be writing a sequel, it will have a lot more content (of both kinds) but the romance will still be realistic, if present.  It should still be sexy as hell though, and I have added a situation in PWT2 where Kyo does show up, which was extremely entertaining because he finds Keel in Loki's house and... Well, you'll see.  :)

Back to work and coffee - Please enjoy both stories as much as you can and I do so love reviews because they let me know what you all want to read.  I enjoy pleasing as many people as possible, if my novel wasn't enough of an indication.

~ S. "Kaeli" Hart.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Unusual hiatus from writing...haha

So, if someone in a grocery store walks up to you, like HUNTS you down in the store specifically, and hands you $20, what do you do?  This just happened to me...  Not only did the man who gave it to me look specifically for me, he passed a pregnant young lady without even giving her a glance, marched up to me, asked me how I was doing, and handed me a twenty.  Said he was sent by god to take care of me. 
Keep in mind, I'm not religious - If I was I wouldn't be writing the genre I have been lol.  I told him I couldn't accept his money, and he flat out ran from me.  I don't mean he walked away.  By ran, I mean he was running like the cops just found a body in his trunk.  I'm a smoker, and a mighty fine one at that.  *Debonair smile and wink before hacking a black lung into awaiting hands*  So, yeah...  The chances of me catching this 50something year-old guy?  Not happening.  27 and unhealthy as can be  ;D 
Which brings me to the next thought I had.  I'm 5' 7" and I weigh practically nothing.  110 lbs.  Basically if you take a pez dispenser and tack on a set of tits, that's me.  To make matters worse, none of my clothes really fit properly, they're sort of too big.  Add to that image now, that my face broke out in hives, lol, yeah we're getting attractive now aren't we?  And, lets not forget that I was just yelling at my friend to stop chucking shit in my carriage because I couldn't afford it. 

This man thought I was a charity case.  I don't know how to feel about that.  I was about to hand the $20 to the pregnant young lady until she approached me with a smug smile and outstretched hand and said, "If you don't want it, I'll sure as fuck take it."  I glanced at my 11 month old, while out shopping for my other son, who turns 8 at 2 am, and put it in my wallet instead.  Gonna be a bitch about it, I'm sure I can put it to better use than you can.  So, I figured it was my lucky day.  And then I dropped my gifted 20 into the feed the hungry box at my local supermarket.  And then ten more.  It's odd.  If not for that random good christian, I would've filed past that box using the excuse that we just spent too much on a birthday.  He hands me money, I hand it and some of my own to help out some local families.  Go figure. 

So, for now, I'm high on life.  That's extremely rare for me, by the way.  Usually I just sneer at people while I sit at my computer and drink deadly amounts of coffee, and write.  Back to work for me, an unusually content 27 year old pez dispenser with hives on her freaking face and two spoiled brats that are better than all the money in the world. 

Stephanie "Kaeli" Hart - hunted by the charitable.