Thursday, September 6, 2012

Swordmaster Dasan part 2 at Smashwords

I have decided to leave the second Swordmaster Dasan book, which is far larger than the first short story, FREE at for a month while I weed it's typos and whatnot.  Because it's free and many of the people that will want to read it sort of need to see the first to understand it - here's a promo code for the first Swordmaster Dasan to get it 100% off at Smashwords.


This is a limited time offer, please enjoy the book while it is free and if you love/hate it you can always review it, or contact me personally at this blog or my account on
Look up Playing with Tigers or Swordmaster Dasan and my profile is attached to both; I'm not actually that mean.  I think.  I have no intention of stopping my dubious writing and any commentary received, be it good or bad, will help me improve the quality of work I'm putting out. 

In other news, I'm still working on the edit of the other short I've written, which still needs a title.  Unlike the other two series I have published, I've been referring to this one as a story with flavor, and I think everyone will enjoy it.  Back to work for me, editing one epic sized novel, another novel, and a short story too!  I really wish I had enough to pay someone else for moments like these!  

~ S. 'Kaeli' Hart.