Friday, February 1, 2013

It's all in my headset

I mentioned before that I was working on a piece with wolf shifters, and because my friends want to read it I've been forcing myself to stay on task, which is surprisingly difficult.  I had decided to do the book because I had some ideas, and I was asked by a few people to do my own spin on the wolf craze.  I just can't find the right freaking music to use to zone out while I write it...

The Cat & the Crow was easy work because of a playlist that only had three songs.  That might've driven my husband slowly insane, since he can hear what I'm listening to from his desk, I put the volume on my headset so high.  But, it let me get into the story again in an instant, and the overall feeling that Tarro held through most of the book was set by one song in particular.  (Gaelic storm - the storm.  For any who were curious.)  The song itself inspired the scene where he's standing in the rain and staring at the sky when I happened across it.  So, in many ways music is necessary for me to write.

One broken headset and a depleted collection of mp3's and CD's later, I am stuck haha.  Not for long, I never am, thankfully.  Already have another headset, fear not.  But the lack of theme song is making it very hard to decide what direction I want the end of the book to take, and...  well anyone that has read my stuff knows I try to do a lot in each book.  It could go anywhere.  I give myself various plot threads and a mix of music, coffee, and insomnia show me the best way to braid all of those interesting threads into one fun story.

I have, however, found plenty to inspire a lot of the folklore and belief system for them.  I kind of backed myself into a corner in my previous books by describing the "Kyathe" people, or "People of the Wolf" as having a very rich background in storytelling.  It means I have to apply myself.

I'll be uploading the prologue from it on Goodreads, since a few people have expressed a mild interest in it and I'm nearly satisfied with the beginning.  The ending is a different story, but rest assured, I will find a way and kick its ass.  Then, I'm off to hunt appropriate steampunk werewolf homoerotic music.  You know, after typing that I realize why maybe I'm having some trouble haha

Happy hunting and a huge thank you to everyone who has expressed an opinion about any of my work.  :)

S. <3

For anyone who's actually curious, this was my playlist for the last book;
Gaelic Storm - The Storm
Parov Stelar - The Snake
Parov Stelar (again!) - Booty Swing

(last one's quite awesome, just saying.)

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