Monday, August 1, 2016

Is this because of what I did to Calvin?

So, I haven’t been able to feel my arms for a few days.  Since Wednesday, actually.  It feels like they’ve gone to sleep, they’re so numb that I went to do my hair and hit myself in the forehead, making me even more uncoordinated than I normally am.  The most annoying part of that is how often you notice that you can’t feel them.  Every thirty seconds going, “Oh, is my arm asleep?” in a goddamn loop. 

Furthermore, when the numbness does fade, all I can feel is this stinging ache that runs the length of them.  I have arthritis in my hands, from writing actually, haha, and this pain isn’t the same but it’s added to it. 

Well, since I refuse to pay five hundred dollars to go to the Emergency room and hear that I have ‘stress’ or ‘bone ghosts,’ (I am very happy with the local ER, does it show?  They thought that I had stress when I had kidneystones, because stress makes me piss blood, it runs in my family, we’re very talented.) I waited until today to go to my doctor, and after bending and stretching me a few ways he came to the conclusion that I very probably have a slipped disk in my neck that’s putting pressure on my nerves for my arms.  At a strange angle, no less, letting different halves of my two arms go numb at the same time.  I have imaging later this week to confirm, but after he was done pressing on my head and back, the pain he left in his wake makes me think that he was probably right. 

Which was a relief really, because once I told people about my interesting problem they started guessing for me.  I have heard that I have the Zika Virus, MS, BRAIN WORMS (looking at you Seth.), blood clots, lyme disease, and I responded with the aforementioned ‘bone ghosts.’  Ha, technically I was the closest without going over!  He said a slipped disk and I was ready to throw confetti. 

But now I’m sitting here hours after my victory diagnosis, groaning constantly from my necessary but painful bending, and all I can think of is that I did this to a few of my characters.  Kyo in his lower back, of course, but more specifically to Calvin.  The place in my neck is even oddly the same. 

Which leaves me in a tricky situation because now all I want to do is write him, but my typo game has gotten much worse with this whole no feeling/very awful feeling in my arms thing.  I feel like I should get him laid or something as an apology.  Except that I like M/M and he’s homophobic so he probably wouldn’t enjoy it.  Although that does also make it hotter for me if there’s a romantic chase involved haha

Going to go chill with my bone ghosts and try to get some feeling in my typing arms!

S. K. Hart

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  1. imjudt glad its not blood clots...

    and on that note i will bring up what i did to andy and leave that right there so maybe your guilt isnt so directly linked... or maybe is more directly linked and i just screwed myself i honestly dont know...