Monday, July 30, 2012

Swordmaster Dasan parts 2 & 3 finished

The kinky pair of Swordmasters have returned with a vengeance.  What was missing from the first Swordmaster Dasan story has been added in two installments, which are thankfully finished and awaiting proofreads.  Don't get too excited yet, finding proofreaders for this is absolute hell - I only have two friends that are willing and they're busy for the foreseeable future.  Expect publication soon with all new covers and a deleted scene from Playing with Tigers 2 which stars them both in an interesting position. 

Unlike the first short story, I had to take breaks to regain my composure, so I assume it'll pack the same punch as the first.  Again, I'm waiting for a second and third opinion, so much is possibly going to change.  As of right now here's a fast blurb draft-

Part 2 (title pending) -

The news that Lassieta has taken the throne at the Sahrketh Palace lures Kyo there to congratulate his occasional lover Madau, since it's her student that she now serves.  He finds shortly after arriving that Loki took the news rather poorly, and has gotten himself thrown in a cell.  Since nobody else is eager to offer any aid to the young man, he challenges Madau to a fight over who would have custody of Loki for the duration of his imprisonment.

Part 3 (title still pending)
Kyo is greeted by a foregnier on his doorstep looking for Loki's next of kin.

*evil chuckle*  I rather enjoyed myself writing these, and I do so hope that all of my readers will as well.  It's hard to tell if anyone liked the first, since it only received two reviews, although both claimed that it was pretty alright...  Unlike many of my friends that write, I don't work for the money, I work for the sake of keeping myself sane and because, let's face it, I like to hear that someone enjoyed what my demented mind has to offer.  I've been a long-time lover of dark humor and horror, so the leap to bondage and power play erotica with two typically violent men wasn't that far.

The second and third parts are longer than the original, and the third I'm not sure should even be classed as erotica.  It's more there for anyone who's curious to know what became of the pair in my timeline, but the sex by comparison to the first two is less frequent.  Not that what is in there is dull by any means, it's just a longer wait to get them into a bed.  What it lacks in frequency it definitely makes up for in quality.  I'm toying with the idea of offering both for free for a short while, but again, I have offered in the past in trade for any feedback I could get and aside from the very few people who did review it publicly and the one who found my email, I have been disappointed. 

Look for it on Smashwords and Amazon within the month, if anything changes I'll update here. 
Thinking of you all - S. 'Kaeli' Hart.  (not to be confused with Scaly Heart.)

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