Friday, January 4, 2013

Techno, fresh coffee, suger rush... Work time >:)

So, whilst discussing predicament bondage involving full suspension and piercing fetishes with my longest standing and closest friend (this was done over coffee, naturally.) it occurred to me that I have too many projects going and need to put everything in order. 

But first, don't forget that Swordmaster Dasan has a code that is still active to get a free copy at Smashwords.
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Now for anyone who's curious -
What I'm working on right now in order of what I deem important -

- Playing with Tigers is getting a reboot.  The original release stars VARIOUS atrocities that I would've been more likely to notice before publishing if I hadn't been reading it so often at the time that I felt I could tell the story from memory alone.  Some scenes are acceptable enough to have a mere edit, others are getting scrapped and redone completely.  The story itself will not change, only the manner in which I tell it.  The sequel will be attacked once this one is complete as well, because it's boring by comparison and that can't happen.  I was considering just unpublishing it, but 2/3 reviews were that they reaaaallly liked it.  I don't understand why, I don't anymore.  It's my dark secret and even though I keep slamming the closet door on that skeleton, the lure of making it acceptable as a past work is too great.  So, it begrudgingly stays as I work on the plot for the third and fix the original two to my liking. 

- Swordmaster Dasan 2 & 3 are being polished and covers are being worked on for all three.  Option to buy each individually or as a bundle is what I'm thinking, but as always, I'll put a code up on my blog and twitter to get it for free at smashwords when it's released. 

- Wolves of Kureshna - New series involving the Kyathe people from my little world.  They've been mentioned in passing a few times, as Kyathe or 'People of the Wolf.'  Wolf shifters, very fun.  Still working out the deities that they hail from, which led to a hilarious discussion about 'building wolves' that was aided by a dizzying number of alcoholic beverages.  The first will have the spice, the second the sweet, the third is not going to be discussed because it surpasses the level of kink from the first Swordmaster Dasan and I'm still debating whether I'll publish it at all lol

- Elpis Society - this one has been written as a draft twice already, once as a m/m paranormal romance, and once as a regular old paranormal thriller.  Still deciding what to do with it exactly, but it should be loads of fun.  Admittedly, more loads of fun if it's a m/m ro...  It was a bad joke, give me time.  I'll do better.

and finally -

I have been asked if I am planning a second book for The Cat & the Crow.  On this, I am undecided.  Could I?  Yes, I very easily could.  Ryosho is arguably smart enough to shut her mouth until she is freed from her situation in the story.  I never mentioned how Nerin found all of that information on him and Tarro never asked, but there are plenty of people in the book that I intended to have still be alive and well that he wouldn't expect to see.  In fact, in my mind, Nerin has already met a few of them.  The question is, should I write a sequel?  I've developed the bad habit of making sequels for everything and look up there, just look!  That's...  *counts* seven.  7 books that I'm working on.  8 if we count the Elpis society, which I didn't because I'm still working on those other seven.  I will consider it for awhile and keep anyone that reads posted, because I like Tarro.  But first, I need to get back to my other seven things to do haha

S. <3

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