Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Promo for Swordmaster Dasan

I'm happy to say that the edits on the second and third book are underway, which means that the trilogy should be published in completion with new covers by February!  YES!  *fistpump*

Also, coincidence - Was given a scanner for Christmas, so I doodled this at breakfast and have a story to go with it for the holiday season.  Well, sort of haha.  The story doesn't involve a traditional Christmas, I had to work out a different holiday for them obviously, and therefore there's no wrapped gifts in the story, but *shrug*

Also it occurs to me now that I'm looking at it that they're both skinny as hell...  I haven't drawn in years, and this was a doodle done with an eight year old's art supplies haha.
I have a few um  *cough* dirtier  *cough* sketches I may finish...  Rather awkward to draw with people moving through the room constantly.  Accursed Holiday visitors and their hyperactivity, I'm sure you understand.

Anyway, second book's nearly complete with the editing process, third is waiting for me to skim through it.  So, here's a code for Swordmaster Dasan the original, available at Smashwords!  FREE COPIES!!! Tell your fantasy/gay erotica/bondage loving friends! 

Enter this;
at checkout and it will give you the book at 100% off.

Enjoy and have a great New Year everyone  :)
Please contact me at or here if you have any opinions.  (you'd be surprised how few people apparently have opinions on the internet.)

S. <3

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