Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Still alive. Mostly.

Despite the flu's best attempt, I'm recovering and back on track with my work.  I was too sick to eat, so I'm boney enough now that I look like some terrifying bobblehead-woman, and smoking has made my sick cough last longer than it should, but I'll manage.  Scheduling has made it very hard for me to work when I want/need to, but I have found a solution!  Laptop.  Problem solved. 

My next book, by which I mean my next new book, is coming along well.  It's getting out of hand in length, but I found a way to make it manageable, I think.  Haha, nothing like confidence, right?  The first part is already about 20 pages longer than the Cat & the Crow was, so for anyone who read that, we're already looking at double the length.  Closer to the size of Playing with Tigers.  I know a lot of readers prefer a longer book, but there's still the challenge of holding attention throughout each novel.  The longer it is, the more likely it is to drag in places.  I will not tolerate becoming a drag.  It's one of the things that will make me drop a book at any point in its story, because my ability to pay attention is incredibly fickle. 

I can't give an estimate regarding the completion of this book, because I still feel that it's missing something.  I can, however, give an educated guess about the other impending publications. 
Swordmaster Dasan 2 has been at Smashwords for a very long time, but has not been put up anywhere else.  It needs a better cover, to be honest.  A friend was working on that, but she also lives in Boston and recent events have stressed her out enough that I'm willing to wait a bit longer before I start to shove and harass her.  Once that's done, it'll be put up on Amazon and shipped to B&N as a free book. 

The third SMD book was completed and sent to proofreaders, but came back with many complaints, because they wanted me to break the content up over two books instead of one.  So I am.  They'll also probably remain free ebooks, because the entire series is a side note to Playing with Tigers.  Charging for additional content is low, even for a gutter crawler like myself.

Playing with Tigers 1&2 will be rewritten and republished over this summer, and the third book is in the planning stage.  That means that any requests for certain kinks to have a cameo appearance need to be made now, haha.  I humor almost everything, but I will not write scat or snuff, so don't ask.  Other than that, sure.  Just let me know what floats your boat, or trust me to get crazy on my own.  Please note that this is the only series I even take requests for, and only ones for specific fetishes or kinks.  To respond to one inquiry that was sent to me - No.  I will not alter my characters or the society that they're in.  The reason that I like the Sahrketh society is because it is competitive and therefore fair.  I made a race of people that compete for everything and apologize for nothing, not just a gender.  It's not intended as a 'look how evil women are' statement.  If you took it that way, then you need to ask yourself why, lol.

Werewolves are in limbo for the moment.  Sorry.  Well, sort of.  There have been a flood of shifter erotica stories lately and I don't like the idea of being overlooked as white noise.  They're on hold.  All of them. 

Duncan.  Ha.  Well, that's the new book, title pending.  I haven't had this much fun with a setting in a long damn time.  I only hope that readers will enjoy it too.  More on him some other time, it's complicated lol.

If anyone sees the door-to-door fanatics that just left my property, please apologize to them on my behalf.  I didn't mean to swear.  In retrospect I realize that I had meant to inflict bodily harm.  With my boney hands, or if they would wait a moment, with the bat that I keep for any sudden urge for baseball/fighting.  If one more asshole comes here portraying what happened in Boston as a crime that was planned and paid for by the gay community, then I'll let them meet their fucking God.  For realsies.  There's a church, and only one church that's started this bullshit, and I shudder to think what may happen if they actually convert anyone. 

That's all for me for today.  Still alive, incredibly bitchy, and working my ass off.  Cheers.  ;)

S.  <3

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