Monday, March 18, 2013

Victory & Updates

Swordmaster Dasan is now available for free at Amazon, the second installment will be sitting at Smashwords until a friend of mine finishes the cover for that one.  I poured plaster on her head and laughed at her misfortune, she owes me.  For anyone looking for the second book, it's here and it is as edited as I'm going to make it without charging for it.  I've got the third one done, but I'm waiting on proofreaders to get back to me so, that'll have to wait for a bit. 
(If you have the adult filter on at smashwords, then the book won't show.  Just reminding everyone.)

Please note - Swordmaster Dasan is a side series that goes with Playing with Tigers.  I'm currently rewriting that series as well, and re-releasing it for free later this year.  I feel that the copy that is out now is abysmally written, it was my first book and I learned from many mistakes I made in it haha
The second one is getting ripped apart and rebuilt as well, so hang in there if you can't stand mistypes and misuses of apostrophes.  I'm working on it lol

I have a few up and coming books in the works right now.  I found a perfect way to do a steampunk story, so when I start tearing my hair out looking at Playing with Tigers, I have werewolves and coal power to keep my attention. 

Anyone looking to contact me, just find me at - I lurk on there when I go for my coffee breaks so it's the best way to locate me.  I am very open to criticism, and I thank anyone who has left a review for me in the past (especially shiny nickel that was hilariously accurate and my brow knits with how true your statement was.  I am FIXING that! lol) because feedback helps me improve and I have a very short list of people that work with me. 

Back to work for me, I was just letting anyone looking for Swordmaster Dasan 2 & 3 know that technically one's there, and the other is on it's way as well.  

Happy hunting everyone, expect a novel within the next two months along with the last story starring my demented sword-toting nuisances. 

S. K. <3

*undecided on a second book for Tarro. 


  1. I have just finished Swordmaster Dasan... it was amazing it was probably one of the best books I've ever readI'm a huge Yaoi fan and your book had everything I've ever craved it was truly hot and kinky if you know what I mean you're beyond crazy fan yaoi lover

    1. Thank you very much!
      You should check out the second one, which is also free on Smashwords and on amazon ;)

      ~ S. K. <3