Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Black ties, babies & Mohawks

I know I haven’t posted in awhile now, my apologies for that.  It’s been… interesting, lol.

For the first time in my life I find myself trying to organize when I can shave my head to work around a black tie affair and I’m seriously hoping that it doesn’t coincide with my friend’s firstborn and his arrival, but you know it will. 

Long story short – My mother requires two brain surgeries and one of them is going to require her to shave her head on the side so I will be doing that with her, but my husband was also nominated for an award for his newest program that means mandatory wife attendance at the event.  They haven’t confirmed the dates of either event yet, so I’m just screwed lol.  I'll rock a Mohawk, but not in an event that can cost my husband his job and the president of his company will be meeting me there for the first time...  I play with fire but I only want to burn my own hands, so that's going to be fun to try and work around.

The book is coming along well but has been on hold for a few days because I knew something was wrong with the beginning, and at almost 400 pages in, I wanted to fix that before I made more work for myself.  Problem was discovered when one of my friends claimed that she wanted one of the characters to die, by choking on a bag of dicks if at all possible, or being run off of a cliff onto rusty bayonets and teddy bears with machine guns in paw.  My reaction to that was to laugh myself into a table while I choked on my coffee and promptly burned my fingers on my cigarette.

And she was totally right, so I’m fixing that as quickly as possible.  As odd as it sounds I take criticism better than praise, because then I know that people are being honest with me lol – She was a bit over the top, the problem was only with about four chapters but they’re early in the book and easy to remedy. 

That’s all for now folks, I need to go and finish editing that problem out of there so we can get back to rollerskates, door-guns, rock candy and wrenches. 

Happy hunting ;)
S. <3


  1. Thoughts with you and your mother through this. Congrats to the hubby and friends with baby to be. Omg, your friend! Thats is a way to go....can't wait to see what's to come!

    ~ hazel

  2. It's 3am, and I have to wake up in three hours with the kids, but I had to stay up and read all of Swordsmaster Dasan. I thought I'd start it and read until I got sleepy.. ha! I'm wide awake now, and fighting the urge to read #2. Obviously it's a sexy story, but it was also a great read, very easy and conversational in the way it was written. Also, I always appreciate when the author of a story with bdsm themes actually knows how bdsm works, it does nothing for the quite proud, defiant sub in me if the victim in the story is just artlessly getting the crap beat out of them! I'm rambling, but it was a very fun read and I'm sure I'll be reading it again soon.
    I hope the long delay since your last blog post doesn't mean that something bad has happened, I hope all of the impending events you mentioned here went swimmingly and you've had a bright start to your new year.

    1. Thank you so much!
      Between you and I, and the rest of the internet, I think that the second Swordmaster Dasan was far better than the first. That's probably because the first was written to pass the time, and was intended to be the backstory for Loki. In the Playing with Tigers books he's something of a nuisance/sexual predator, and a friend said she'd love to see how he got that way. Kyo; that's how, haha
      As for the end of 2013, everything went, lol... Not swimmingly, per se, but everyone is alright and that's what really matters! And yes, my friend had her baby on the same day that my mom was in surgery, I called it!
      Thank you so much for the feedback, I appreciate it more than you know. If you want to continue talking then you can contact me at Goodreads.com or here
      And don't worry about potentially rambling, I was up until 3 am working on my new book, then up at 6 for my own kids, so haha, I don't have the capacity to do much more than lift a cup of coffee to my mouth. You did so much better than I usually do when I'm tired.

      Hope you enjoy book 2 of SMD as much as the first, if not more!

      S. <3