Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Turkey Apocolypse of 2013

I usually try to keep my blog related only to my work, but this one's too good NOT to share.

So one of my friends has her 30th birthday this week, and I tend to be a rotten nasty horrible person by making every birthday as painful as possible.  A good example; I gave my brother a single cupcake of normal size with 30 birthday candles jammed into it for his 30th. 

The resulting fire was dangerously hilarious -

 That's an actual image, I thought it was funny and when his eyebrows grew back, so did he.

Then, for his wonderful husband's birthday, my friends and I assailed him with a pinata dragon.  Many dorky references were made.  The dragon was decapitated.  I was gifted the head, which is named Dan (haha you'll get it eventually) and have him mounted in my car to warn other pinatas that I'm not playing around.

That picture will not be shared because I'm in it and look like a collection of sticks.

So, when I was trying to think of what to put on a card for my friend who lives too far away to do such things to, I happened to open the door to let the dog out and had to slam it shut on invading turkey neck #1. 

I live in Massachusetts - we have wild turkeys and for anyone who doesn't know they're the type of birds that will kill you, then go to your funeral and murder everyone who loved you enough to show up.  That's probably one of the reasons we made a holiday to specifically consume in large quantities.  REVENGE. 

Well, our cat is very ballsy, apparently tried to snag one of a turkey's babies, decided to hide in the house, and now the birds are circling in a gang that I really wish I could get a decent picture of.  They're camera shy, I guess, I don't know.

Well - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Your Card, dear;

Kisses  :)

S. <3