Friday, August 10, 2012

Playing with Tigers 2

I'm proud to say that after five straight days of work, the second book is completed, awaiting a cover and extensive editing.  For length reasons, the content has already been whittled down dramatically.  The book again follows Keel as he deals with the Sahrketh.  He decides to travel, and through horrible circumstances end up in a very dangerous situation that gives him insight into what is about to happen to the Sahrketh Empire as a whole. 

Fun fun. 

Editing this story will take some time.  Even having cut as much as I have, it's still as large as the first book, which sort of bothers me...  I seem to get carried away haha.  While weighing what to keep and what to discard I also thought of a few more things to make it better, so, the sad reality is that for every piece I take out, I have ten more to put in...  Overactive imagination induced by avoiding reality - the curse of many a fantasy writer I'm afraid. 

The question of what to do with one character in particular has been giving me some trouble, but I think I've hammered out a satisfactory means to approaching the issue, and hope that my readers enjoy it.

Swordmaster Dasan 2 & 3 are on a temporary hold in the editing process, although I will be meeting with someone today to discuss possible covers, since they may warrant a professional piece.

With that update, and with much to expect in the upcoming weeks, I'll turn my attention back to what I should be doing - namely editing anything I can while I have the time. 

Happy hunting everyone -  Stephanie 'Kaeli' Hart

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