Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lots of stuff on it's way in upcoming weeks

So, I'm rather proud to tell anyone who's interested that I've finished yet another piece that will be published within the month.  That makes four upcoming releases. 

Playing with Tigers 2 - Editing complete - awaiting cover and formatting
For anyone who read the first, the sequel deals with a few unresolved issues from that novel.  I'm rather proud of the last half of the book at the moment, but give me time, I'll find something I did wrong and start to criticize myself  ;)  Hoping that it's not too much for everyone, I get carried away on the story occasionally and lose the fact that it's erotica on the way.  The requests that I was given were worked in, and I did tone down what happens to Keel a bit, so, again, hoping that it won't be too much for readers. 

Swordmaster Dasan 2 - Editing now
The sequel with my sadistic Swordmaster and one of my favorites from Playing with Tigers is nearly done.  Kyo alone makes these stories fun to write, but again, hoping he isn't too much for people to handle.  Altered my original plan of what would've happened to Kyo between the books to something more suitable and enjoyable, because honestly, once I got to know him I felt like keeping him around.

Swordmaster Dasan 3 - On the back burner, lol
I have a lot of work to do on what I've already written, and since the bridge between stories has yet to hit the kindles and nooks of the world, I see no reason to drive myself mad over this one until the prequel to it is out for your enjoyment.  Expect it soon, though, I won't procrastinate.

Untitled - awaiting editing
Set in another country that's briefly mentioned in PWT2, this one stars a character in an interesting position as he is assailed by women he doesn't want and a young man he shouldn't try for.  May alter the timeline, but will be working on it when I need a break from my previous work. 

Aside from that, I think I should mention that this time of year is literal hell for me, but luckily I've been able to put all of my angst into my work.  I took a look at Playing with Tigers, and I'm still editing that one when I have the time.  I even entertained the idea of rewriting a few of the chapters for fluidity reasons, since some are very jarring.  We'll see.  Anyway, it's 2 am and I've been awake now for 24 straight hours.  Time to go and pass out beside my husband and kick him when he snores.  High five everyone, and off I go. 

~ A very tired S. 'Kaeli' Hart

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