Monday, October 1, 2012

Upcoming work

So, anyone that frequents my blog (ha, let me believe) might remember I had mentioned a short story that was untitled awhile back.  An extremely dark gay romance short, that I was writing away at to no end.  Well, I was looking at it a few weeks back, and I realized it has quite a bit of potential.  More than I was giving it credit.  So, instead of a short, it's being converted into a full novel. 

The Kitten, the Crow & the Carriage is the title I was thinking of, but one of my friends stated that perhaps it should just be called the big book of words that start with 'c' because they're my favorite critics lol.

Because I am reworking that to try and pull it into the right shape and still keep the same feeling that I had in the short story version, it will be probably closer to thanksgiving or Christmas when I release it, if I don't decide to send this one to a publisher.  I really can't deal with the rejection that I have been promised by all of my published friends on my first try, lol.  I'm a coward, but at least I'm honest about it. 

Besides, I already have the cover done ;D

My first try at a book with an actual story and not just enough to string a long line of sexual scenarios together...  Big step, need to actually try to be romantic (not my strong point) but I think I'm doing okay with it.  I'm taking my time with this piece because the main character more than ever thinks like myself, which is why (also for the first time ever) I have decided to give first person a valid attempt. 

For anyone interested in what to expect, the book takes place in an entirely new setting, and was written in it's entirety to 3 songs. 
Gaelic Storm - The storm
Parov Stelar - The snake
Parov Stelar - Catgroove

Odd that all three titles actually are in the book in a way.  I really am trying to get away from my dark storylines, and they keep sinking their claws into me and pulling me back.  Actually, I didn't think they were dark until a few other people brought it up, lol, I always thought that it was better to see someone rise up from very extreme circumstances myself.  Anyway, back to writing and playing that accursedly addicting MMO that I won't mention because it has enough victims, including me...   At least I have a tiger to ride in the game though, anyone who's read my novels understand why that makes me giggle and clap with glee haha

Happy hunting everyone ;) 

Stephanie Hart - Hakura on Moonrunner if you're an addict as well.  ;D

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