Monday, November 26, 2012


I've been lamenting on here often about the new book.  Everything from the cover to the blurb, then back to the story itself...  Well, I have great news to share!  I am on my last edit, my thanks again to my editor for an amazing suggestion regarding one of the plot threads.  As for the cover, I found a very talented young lady who agreed to make me a cover with the main character being all sexy on it and after seeing the concept sketched out, I'm excited!  So here's hoping all of you will be as well!

Once I have a finished cover image I can have the book up and available for purchase within 10 hours at the most.  As usual, I plan on running a promotion for all of my work, more news on that when it's released.

The Cat & the Crow - Hoping you all find it worth the wait.

~ S. K. Hart

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