Friday, November 16, 2012

Work work...

Every now and again I feel like Atlas, with the weight of the world on my shoulders.  I'm sure quite a few others can relate to that.  The only good news is that I relieve my stress by diving into my work, and the newest novel is complete.  All I need for it is a cover and a working title.  Admittedly, I would feel better with another few proofreaders as well, but I'll take what I can get, lol.  85k words, so about the length of a quick novel.  I think I did well with it.  For the record, this will be the first story I actually tried with.  I've said before that Swordmaster Dasan was a two week boredom project, and Playing with Tigers is a mix of every request I've ever gotten from friends (bets and dares as well, actually) just strung along with a plot. 

The new book, is entirely me.  And it's me, trying to write well.  I sincerely hope everyone enjoys it.  In order to get the attention that it deserves, I'll need to write an amazing blurb and get an incredible cover image, which is harder to create when I hurt my hand.  *sigh*   So, here's hoping that I can have it out by Thanksgiving. 

Speaking of the Holiday Season, I will be offering a few free stories around Christmas if all goes well with my time constraints.  Just holiday things starring the main characters from my books, including the new one.  So, enjoy  :)

I took a quick glance at Playing with Tigers, and although I do like the story it tells and the characters in it, I really and truly think I can do better than I did with the delivery of the story.  So, I am planning on reworking it into the same story, but done well, as a second edition.  Expect the same for Playing with Tigers 2 shortly afterwards.  The third is on hold so that I can focus on a few other projects, but, as always, I do typically change gears when I receive any request for one of my upcoming stories. 

Hoping that everyone is doing well - S. Kaeli Hart

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