Wednesday, November 28, 2012


So, one free holiday short story up, possibly two more to go  :)
The covers for the free stories will be very lame, I'm sorry.  But, they're meant to spread some holiday cheer and remind people that I'm not dead.  So, mission hopefully accomplished!  I didn't have any proofreaders for the one I just posted, I wanted to get it published early enough that it would be there before Christmas, so sort of hoping that everyone is a bit forgiving on that one, heh...
I would like to do a holiday based short story with Keel and Kaji, and another from the Swordmaster Dasan series, so if I feel that they're good enough, I'll upload them.  The ones with Loki that I have written were promptly deleted for not having the correct amount of kink.  Once I have the proper idea, it doesn't take me long.  The one I just published was written tonight in one shot with a steady IV of coffee and curses, but, it took a few days of constant dwelling to work out what I wanted to do in it.  And therein lies the problem with the other two possibilities, because Loki and Kyo are a handful, and Keel and Kaji are in an interesting position because I don't want to have people asking for the next book lol  (see below)
I react very well to feedback.  PLEASE RATE! lol  I always like to know what I've done right and what I can do better.  My thanks and love to the people who have and the one who always does. 

The Cat & the Crow update;
Book.  Is.  Done.  *internet hi5 to my only other team member*
I just got a preview of the cover from the extremely gifted artist that I commissioned, and well..  Ha, this is odd.  I don't fluster easily, but lets just say that it had me drooling.  Literally, that actually happened.  You'll see what I mean when it's done, because I'll have that book published in a heartbeat.  When it's up, I'll run a two week promo code here for smashwords users to get a copy for free, so look for it  ;)  Then, I'm gonna get that image as a poster and stare at it all day until my eyes bleed.

Swordmaster Dasan 2 is still being edited, because I got distracted.  I blame candy canes and a collection of rowdy friends with tequila. 

The last Playing with Tigers book is on hold indefinitely because I would like to rework the first two books.  In my opinion, I could do better.  So I will. 

That's it I think.  I wrote myself into a migraine, so I will go and get some sleep.  Need to be up in four hours to get some errands done, sadly.  

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