Tuesday, December 25, 2012

2013 To-do list. 1) Lirn two spel

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to everyone, along with best wishes for the upcoming New Year.  Last year, my goal (because I don't do resolutions.  I finally like me, so I'm keeping it the way it is haha) was to get the guts to publish at least one book.  I did that with Playing with Tigers in May, then again with Swordmaster Dasan in June, shortly followed by the sequels for both.  At some point I wrote the Cat & the Crow, I don't even know when... That one sort of was unplanned.  It just happened, as if I watched it write itself.  Stress makes me productive, and it has been a very efficient year!

Goals for last year were to write and actually publish at least one novel, knocked that one out.  Did not gain the ability to turn people's arms into snakes as I had planned, so bummer there.  Next year!  I made a few friends and had some fun, so altogether good year.  Aside from the many inspirations for the Cat & the Crow, it was pretty successful. 

So, here goes - 2013 goals.

1) Fix Playing with Tigers and the sequel.  They read like someone is clubbing the reader in the face with their e-reader -> that's no good <- going to fix that one lol.

2) Actually do something with my deviant art account.  The husband has gifted me with a scanner, so I have no excuses now.  The gift of obligation, yay!  I have mountains of sketches that could be scanned, enough that I could've illustrated most of the books I've written.  So, I should do something with that, even if I fully intend to keep H. C. Fang as my cover artist because that woman kicks the ass off of every other person I have ever approached for a cover in professionalism and accountability.  Including myself, actually...  I procrastinate on my so called 'art' it's terrible.

3) Finish both series I started, publish the next.  Wolves of Kureshna, starring a shifter community in the same fantasy setting from my other (currently available) stuff.

4) Move out of the Erotica/Romance genre and on to the paranormal/sci-fi/horror things that I love so much.  I do still plan to write all of the other stories on the side, but will likely not be making as many once I get the E.S. stories going. 

5) Learn to shoot lasers from my eyes, and grow another six inches so I can stare people down. (subject to reality, more on this later.)

6) Begrudgingly start playing with my friends online again (subject to coffee intake vs. sleep patterns)  All are welcome, we're picking a game soon and may start streaming, will mention that if I get the feeling that anyone cares.  Probably not.

And, I think that's it.  Here's hoping everyone had a terrific Holiday!  Cheers. 

~S. Kaeli Hart

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