Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy Holidays indeed

I'm happy to say that the new book is up and ready for enjoyment.

I want to take a moment to let anyone looking for a great artist know where to find one, lol
Not only affordable, H. C. Fang was the first artist I had worked with who understood what I wanted and put effort into perfecting it.  I asked for the cover by mid December, and she had it finished by ten last night!  An artist who can meet and beat a deadline, very rare, and as you have seen already if you're here, she does amazing work.
Find her here:

Please, if you enjoyed the book, let me know.  In a review, in a message either here or at goodreads, by burning my house down and sewing the ashes with salt...  Whatever your style, I won't judge.  I just prefer to know if my work is enjoyable and I can use all of the feedback that I can get to bring all of you a better product in the future.  :)

Free copies until the 10th only at smashwords.  If you take a free copy, please at least take the time to rate it, even if it's that you hate the book and wish I would up and die, I would truly love to hear from you  :)

MA98Z   <-  put that in at checkout.  It will still ask for a card, but it will be 100% off.  :)

All for now, goodnight world.  *internet hi5*
~ S. 'Kaeli' Hart

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