Wednesday, November 28, 2012


So, one free holiday short story up, possibly two more to go  :)
The covers for the free stories will be very lame, I'm sorry.  But, they're meant to spread some holiday cheer and remind people that I'm not dead.  So, mission hopefully accomplished!  I didn't have any proofreaders for the one I just posted, I wanted to get it published early enough that it would be there before Christmas, so sort of hoping that everyone is a bit forgiving on that one, heh...
I would like to do a holiday based short story with Keel and Kaji, and another from the Swordmaster Dasan series, so if I feel that they're good enough, I'll upload them.  The ones with Loki that I have written were promptly deleted for not having the correct amount of kink.  Once I have the proper idea, it doesn't take me long.  The one I just published was written tonight in one shot with a steady IV of coffee and curses, but, it took a few days of constant dwelling to work out what I wanted to do in it.  And therein lies the problem with the other two possibilities, because Loki and Kyo are a handful, and Keel and Kaji are in an interesting position because I don't want to have people asking for the next book lol  (see below)
I react very well to feedback.  PLEASE RATE! lol  I always like to know what I've done right and what I can do better.  My thanks and love to the people who have and the one who always does. 

The Cat & the Crow update;
Book.  Is.  Done.  *internet hi5 to my only other team member*
I just got a preview of the cover from the extremely gifted artist that I commissioned, and well..  Ha, this is odd.  I don't fluster easily, but lets just say that it had me drooling.  Literally, that actually happened.  You'll see what I mean when it's done, because I'll have that book published in a heartbeat.  When it's up, I'll run a two week promo code here for smashwords users to get a copy for free, so look for it  ;)  Then, I'm gonna get that image as a poster and stare at it all day until my eyes bleed.

Swordmaster Dasan 2 is still being edited, because I got distracted.  I blame candy canes and a collection of rowdy friends with tequila. 

The last Playing with Tigers book is on hold indefinitely because I would like to rework the first two books.  In my opinion, I could do better.  So I will. 

That's it I think.  I wrote myself into a migraine, so I will go and get some sleep.  Need to be up in four hours to get some errands done, sadly.  

Monday, November 26, 2012


I've been lamenting on here often about the new book.  Everything from the cover to the blurb, then back to the story itself...  Well, I have great news to share!  I am on my last edit, my thanks again to my editor for an amazing suggestion regarding one of the plot threads.  As for the cover, I found a very talented young lady who agreed to make me a cover with the main character being all sexy on it and after seeing the concept sketched out, I'm excited!  So here's hoping all of you will be as well!

Once I have a finished cover image I can have the book up and available for purchase within 10 hours at the most.  As usual, I plan on running a promotion for all of my work, more news on that when it's released.

The Cat & the Crow - Hoping you all find it worth the wait.

~ S. K. Hart

Friday, November 16, 2012

Work work...

Every now and again I feel like Atlas, with the weight of the world on my shoulders.  I'm sure quite a few others can relate to that.  The only good news is that I relieve my stress by diving into my work, and the newest novel is complete.  All I need for it is a cover and a working title.  Admittedly, I would feel better with another few proofreaders as well, but I'll take what I can get, lol.  85k words, so about the length of a quick novel.  I think I did well with it.  For the record, this will be the first story I actually tried with.  I've said before that Swordmaster Dasan was a two week boredom project, and Playing with Tigers is a mix of every request I've ever gotten from friends (bets and dares as well, actually) just strung along with a plot. 

The new book, is entirely me.  And it's me, trying to write well.  I sincerely hope everyone enjoys it.  In order to get the attention that it deserves, I'll need to write an amazing blurb and get an incredible cover image, which is harder to create when I hurt my hand.  *sigh*   So, here's hoping that I can have it out by Thanksgiving. 

Speaking of the Holiday Season, I will be offering a few free stories around Christmas if all goes well with my time constraints.  Just holiday things starring the main characters from my books, including the new one.  So, enjoy  :)

I took a quick glance at Playing with Tigers, and although I do like the story it tells and the characters in it, I really and truly think I can do better than I did with the delivery of the story.  So, I am planning on reworking it into the same story, but done well, as a second edition.  Expect the same for Playing with Tigers 2 shortly afterwards.  The third is on hold so that I can focus on a few other projects, but, as always, I do typically change gears when I receive any request for one of my upcoming stories. 

Hoping that everyone is doing well - S. Kaeli Hart