Thursday, June 7, 2012

Quick Update

I'm somewhat surprised by the amount of downloads from the Swordmaster Dasan story, it beat the other promotional short almost instantly.  I suppose that's because the content is apparently rare, gay bondage with full suspension is hard to find, or so I hear.  Makes me want to write more on that, perhaps even go all out much to the dismay of my friend who can't deal with me at my worst, or is it best? lol  Anyway, if i can think of a fun context for that then you may have another in the future, but no promises. 

As a response to the lovely review of Swordmaster Dasan -I greatly appreciate hearing that someone enjoyed the story.  I was having more than the usual doubts in my own writing when I stumbled across that and it was enough to get me back on track.  So, thank you very much.  I write fast and often, and as a result I do need to edit everything.  The problem is that:
a) I suck at it 
b) my friends are all already swamped just reading the unedited stuff I throw at them - think about getting 14+ pages a day (I am so sorry guys lol) 
c) I can't afford an actual editor.  I can barely afford the coffee I drink, lol. 

I didn't drive myself insane over that story with editing because it was written in spare time over the course of two weeks and I was eager to get that up on the site for everyone to take a look at.  Technically the cover is sitting on my desk, waiting to be scanned still, lol.  I jumped the gun on that too.  

The edit on Playing with Tigers is finished on the kindle, and is being implemented when I need a break from writing the sequel, since I keep running out of short stories to occupy myself.  I keep finishing them...  I have hundreds that are unpublished, but they don't focus on the same genre as what I've been putting up and I think that my readers just expect more on that, so for now they stay on the hard drive.  

Playing with Tigers 2 is still on schedule, but I decided to take a brief hiatus from writing to push the evil creatures known as realtors into closing on the house we purchased.  Thankfully, my stupid plan of writing the plot driving scenes first worked out, so it's just adding the copious amounts of sex with everyone willing and many that aren't, and then it's finished.  

The person who is organizing the creative writing site for me and my group of friends had to relocate quite suddenly, which pushed that project off to the side indefinitely, but when it is up, I intend to share that both here and on my profile.  It will feature many (typically hilarious) stories from myself and a few other writers that I spend my time with, many of which are in my opinion far better at writing than I will ever be lol.  It will be open to the public, and since we're all competitive, I am thinking we will have an ability to vote for who had the best story for each week.  *elbow elbow*  You know, I am so not above bribing  ;) ;)  I may make a sign "Will write more gay bondage for votes."  

Anyway... It's 2am and the sun comes every morning no matter how much I beg for it to stop, so I need to go drag my sickly looking self to bed.  Look below for a code to get a free copy of Playing with Tigers - the book is insanely long and still reads like being thrown down a flight of particularly steep stairs at the moment, but it's free and I did put a lot of work into the damn thing, so please enjoy it  :)  I will fix what I can find in the upcoming weeks and publish the second edition, starring nearly decent English!  Yay! 

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