Saturday, June 2, 2012

Swordmaster Dasan

So as anyone here probably knows, since the only link to this blog is in my profile, I published the short story Swordmaster Dasan yesterday afternoon.  And, since I will likely receive no feedback on it whatsoever, I decided to share my thoughts on it here.  The story itself was written in two weeks, somewhat haphazardly and I'm sure it shows lol...  I had mentioned twice in the novel that Loki had been forced to trade sex for training when he was younger and came to power mostly on his own afterwards.  So when I saw the sheer number of downloads from the other promotional short and wished to do another, it was an easy choice of which I would do next.  Any romance in the story was entirely unintentional, I'd wanted to get across more that Kyo was seeking companionship and got a bit attached, but only temporarily.  Mostly because Loki speaks well of him but offers no feelings one way or the other when he broaches the topic later on.  Also, this story allowed me to show where Loki discovered his own tastes. 

One of my friends felt that this story was very edgy, racy and scandalous.  Personally, I thought I was rather easy on Loki...  But to each their own.  I can write nearly anything after the two scenes in the Playing with Tigers series that had given me trouble, so long as there's a story to write in there as well.  I had asked people to give it a once over, and after I fired a few bullets and stabbed a guy they finally agreed.  If not for one of the two people that read my work before it's published, the story would've ended after the first night that Kyo has Loki.  He demanded more, and here we are.  I don't plan on doing another bondage short anytime soon, but I would be willing to add more to this one possibly.  I just have to publish the second PWT book first. 

Speaking of which, since you gave enough of a crap to stop by my blog, help yourself to a free copy of my novel.  Smashwords will still ask for card info, but put the code below in at checkout and it will be discounted to 100% off.  That needs considerable editing and also stars a bisexual young man, so there are many scenes with him and a woman, but I tried to keep it as even as I could throughout.  The final edit of that is pending, but the only reviewer who had the balls to say they enjoyed the book said he couldn't wait for the second novel, and I like to reward anyone who gives me my much needed feedback. 

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