Saturday, June 23, 2012

Swordmaster Dasan & Playing with Tigers 2

Swordmaster Dasan is now available for free and full download at and the potential sequel to that is brewing in my mind no matter how hard I try to focus on the task at hand, namely PWT2.  Both are giving me their own version of trouble. 

I had written the story with Loki and Kyo to promote the book and get some much needed feedback.  Although the one review was lovely, it seems that relatively nobody else spared the time to let me know if they enjoyed it.  So, I have recieved zero money for that piece, very little feedback, and almost no pageviews for the book itself in relation to the short story.  That's the internet for you.

As an independent author, I rely entirely on the kindness of my readers and word of mouth advertising.  If I could afford other means to promote my book, I would.

The review I received of Playing with Tigers is one of the only reasons I sit at my computer every single moment that I can and work on the sequel.  Because one person said they couldn't wait for it.  I would dedicate the book to their username if I wasn't worried that they would dislike that, or that the book wouldn't live up to their expectations.  Both are possible, after all. 

The sequel for Swordmaster Dasan will be written eventually, and it is entirely due to the lovely review I received on Smashwords and the phone call of praise I was awarded from my closest friend after she read it. 

The Playing with Tigers series will be written because I will go insane very quickly if I don't get that finished and move on to the genres I enjoy.  I know from experience that if I neglect to write something, it will kick around in my mind and I will never be capable of forgetting it. 

To prove that I am sincere in my plea for more reviews, I will again be offering a code to discount the book to 100% off on smashwords and will be posting it on here in the upcoming days.  It will still ask for a credit card, but if you enter the code before checkout, you should not be charged.  If you do not have a credit card, then you are under 18 and need to stay away from both my book and my short stories, you rotten, perverted kids.  Or, anyone interested could always find a way to contact me - I'm not quite as evil as I claim in my profile and I do give copies via e-mail to those that ask. 

In other news, I will be moving into my new home in the next week.  What that means for my readers is that I will not have access to my beloved internet, and possibly even be separated from my computer for awhile as I scramble to gather my things and fix that house.  It's all robin's egg blue on the interior - far too happy a color to remain.  My writing will be put aside for awhile, and it will delay any publications until I can tone down the purely white and neon blue decor.  Anyone else that suffers from constant migraines can probably understand why that's a priority over everything, including food. 

I think that's everything I wanted to rant about for now...  Anyway, happy hunting and please remember to check out Swordmaster Dasan and look for me on  (I have no friends there, it's pathetic.)

- Stephanie (Kaeli) Hart.

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