Friday, June 1, 2012


So, minor setback.  My scanner is packed up with all of my other crap and is thoroughly inaccessible, and I prefer to make my covers by hand...  That way I can frame them and have them stare at me when I start to wander away from writing.  I'll see if I can harass some of my friends to let me use theirs but I already have them at knifepoint to read for me so often, lol, I feel I might be pushing things by asking for more.  I wanted this piece up by the weekend, so I'm debating just making a crappy cover for now to hold it over.  I'll see what I can do. 

PWT2 is nearly complete, right on schedule.  I'm hoping to be editing it by mid June, which would put it's release in July at some point, August if I get another month from hell.  I intend to charge for it, but anyone that actually gives enough of a damn to come to this blog will find a 100% off coupon code on the day it's released for Smashwords and I will make it count for a few weeks. 

The only trouble I'm having writing at the moment is that I like to jump between a large project and a short story when I need a break from one, and I keep finishing the short stories.  One of my friends, because of the story I'm about to put up, wants me to do serialized short stories on Loki.  He's one of my favorites, I'm not going to lie.  I would, but not all of them would end up as erotica.  In fact, most wouldn't.  I was thinking of doing one as the backstory for Jade, which would explain how they ended up in the love/hate relationship they have, which was only very barely hinted at in the first book. 

I will try to upload the story over the weekend, one way or another.  If you enjoy it but are shy, please email me.  I don't bite, and if you want, I won't even respond, just say so in your message.  I work off of feedback; the more I get, the more I get done.  

Now, off to work on that cover problem...  

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