Friday, May 25, 2012

As promised & a reply to a lovely review

I said in my most recent post that if I received even one review, be it positive or negative, I would give anyone who happened across this blog a code that would make Playing with Tigers free at checkout on smashwords.  As promised:


To my reviewer - I can't thank you enough.  I was recently made aware of the vast difference in the writing between the beginning and end of the book when I took a look through it myself.  That will be remedied, but will not push off the second book, as per your wishes.  I need a break from the first book (please see tooth extraction/killer bee snorting comment in previous posts haha)  since now it reads like origami instructions to me; 'insert tab P into slot A.'  The problem with writing romance erotica I guess. 

You seem to enjoy my work, which has made a very horrendous week turn into the best in my writing career.  You mentioned in your review of the short story that you wouldn't like to see that end for Keel in the second book, which makes me now look at the second book and wonder just how many others would agree with you.  I had no intention of alienating by readers from the character, in fact that short story was at the end of the second book to segue into the third and definitely final portion of Keel's story.  But, now, I wonder...  I find myself dreadfully curious, and since I can't communicate with you, it's eating away at me.  If you're interested in the second book, and don't mind ruining the surprise - it's almost finished. 

I spend most evenings writing, but will occasionally hunt down some friends for a second opinion.  I'd like yours as well.  I doubt you'll be visiting this blog until I publish something, but in the off chance that you do - 

I'd be willing to give you a run-down of the basic plot, in trade for your feelings on the matter.  I'll assume if I receive no email that you haven't seen this post, but I do hope that you do.  And I hope that, if you do, you'll get in contact with me. 

You'd think someone who invented the Sahrketh could be a bit less sappy, huh?  Anyway, the next promotional short is nearly complete; I've been using that as a break for PWT2 when my eyes bleed.  Anyone that read the book may remember that Localem Arada (Loki for short) had mentioned a Swordmaster that he had trained under, and more importantly that he had to trade sex with the man for such a privilege.  I'm writing that.  Yes, I am smiling.  It's not a romance, and I really would hate for it to be confused for such.  It's a bit more on the sharper side of what I write, and I do not recommend it for readers that didn't care for the scene where Loki took his aggression out on Keel's clothing.  I had written the basic concept before, but in action it's something that I am only proud of when my family isn't looking at me.  It's already substantially larger than the other short, and is a complete work on it's own.  Starring the character before he was anybody worth even a second glance, it shows anyone who likes Loki where he became addicted to his considerable kinks.  Personally, Loki is one of my all-time favorites because I can switch him to a hero or a villain just by changing where he stands. 

Keep an eye out for it.

I've been informed that I should eat, so I will be leaving now.  Happy hunting everyone, and I'll post again soon. 

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