Saturday, May 19, 2012

More on the novel -

This book will kill me.  Or anyone that crosses my path, perhaps.  As I said in my last post (I think) my recent gift of a kindle fire allowed me to enjoy my recent novel as I hadn't been able to before, namely in a book format instead of burned into my retinas on the screen in front of me.  This new perspective made me painfully aware of how much editing the first novel requires, but I am something of a psychopath about meeting my self-appointed deadlines.  Since I want the second novel online within a few months at most, this leaves me in an interesting position.  I could take the time to hammer out all of the kinks in the first story and polish it to an extreme, perhaps fix the fact that the first chapter overwhelms some people with the speed at which Keel is rushed out of his house, since I've received a rather wordy complaint.  Or, I could focus most of my time on the second novel and the free promotional stories for both, and get that out of the way now. 

I guess the real question is, does Playing with Tigers stand well on it's own the way that it is?  Right now, I will stand behind my characters, plot and dialogue, but the delivery of it is on par with having tooth pulled while snorting angry bees.  Okay, well... Maybe not quite that bad, but it needs considerable time to be fixed and it drove me to the brink of madness once before. 

For now, I intend to continue writing the second novel, but in light of the noticeable flaws of the first, I'm considering offering another coupon to allow any potential readers to purchase it 100% off.  I don't like to charge for an unfinished product.  So, here we are.  I'll make a deal with you all; If I get one review, be it positive or negative, for either the promotional short or the novel itself, I will put a coupon up here within eight hours of it showing up on my screen and I'll make it good for two weeks.  That way, you can get the novel and the eventually updated one for free, I get much needed feedback.  I see it as a win-win. 

Also, I mentioned this before, but that post has fallen into the archives for this blog; I do accept requests so long as they don't conflict with my incredibly lax morals.  The few I have received were via email, which leads me to believe that I have left my email visible somewhere that I likely shouldn't have. 

Now, back to the heaps of work I've assigned myself with my coffee in one hand and my kindle in the other.  Happy hunting everyone.  ;)

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