Saturday, May 12, 2012

Playing with Tigers - Book 2

Book two in the Playing with Tigers storyline is in the works currently, and is coming along quite well.  I am accepting reasonable requests now via comments or email.  If requests can be worked into the story without breaking or cheapening it, they typically make it into the final copy.  By reasonable, I mean that I will not take a pop culture character and add them solely for a sex scene, or at all for that matter.  That would be a fanfiction, and although I on occasion will write one for the hell of it, I have no intention of charging others for it.  Requests that have been accepted so far include two additional characters, one a male stripper that resembles a witch in his abilities, the other a 'deformed' Keth; a cat girl.  Worry not, I made her hot.  A request to see Traichi (fire elf city) was put in and eagerly accepted, because I didn't realize anyone would like these stories for anything more than the sex.  Costumed play was easy enough to work in, as was a scene with Loki that would otherwise have only remained in my considerably twisted head. 

I hated the idea of leaving so much unresolved at the end of Playing with Tigers.  For many reasons, one the size of the first book, another the fact that nothing interesting would technically be possible for awhile, PWT had to end where it did.  The second book picks up storywise where the first left off and again follows Keel.  I don't want to give anything away, but I think that anyone that enjoyed the first book will also enjoy this one.  The only problem I can foresee is a third book, which would be the end of Keel's story because three is a good number and there's only so long I could keep making him have mindless sex with everyone before I break the appeal of the character. 

Release for PWT2 is hopefully going to be within the next few months if all goes well.  I write very fast and very often.  The only thing that may delay it's publication is the other book that I have been working on.  It's not erotica or romance but here, let me tell you about that as well  :)
Since it's untitled, I'm finding it harder than I had hoped to talk about haha - Set in the same fantasy universe as PWT, the story centers around a young man named Azriel and the murder of his fiance six years prior.  By the time the story starts, he's very reluctantly given up on finding the one responsible, but when the Gerudai bring him some interesting information he picks up the hunt again with the help of one of their own.  This story not only takes the reader where Playing with Tigers could never go, but also allows me to indulge in a character that puts all others I've written to shame.  Dark humor, mystery, fantasy and adventure all wrapped up in one. 

Anyway, back to writing.  Happy hunting everyone

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