Monday, May 28, 2012

Update on promotional short story

The story with Loki and his Swordmaster is complete and awaiting a cover to be uploaded, since it is a decent stand alone story that involves characters from Playing with Tigers and deserves at least a shred of individuality.  Again, this story is not intended to be a romance, nor will it please everyone.  But, it is interesting...   Keep an eye out and feel free to send me death threats if you find it disturbing  :) 

Look below at my last post for a code to entitle you to a free copy of Playing with Tigers on Smashwords - I am aware that it needs considerable editing and I'm doing that between multiple projects of varying kinds.  If you enjoy it, please comment, rate, review or email me with any commentary.  I can use the criticism, and it makes me write faster lol 

See anything that made you curious in my work?  Want a story for it?  I probably already have it tucked away, just let me know and it will be given as a promotional short for free as soon as I deem it decent.  If not, I'll probably come up with my own anyway when I need a break from PWT2. 

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